Asha Achutan
Ranjita Biswas
Anup Dhar

Prefacing the monograph / introducing this series

This monograph carries the footprints of a journey that began over two decades ago, around 1987. A journey that started in the corridors of science –corridors suffused with the history, the legends, and the grammar of the ‘political’ as we found written, but written only in the corridors. A journey that has brought us to the far more volatile and unfixed stories of the political as we rewrite them.

Some three (or four, or five ... how can we say how many? ) of us had set out to build careers in medicine, albeit with the intention of becoming good, humane clinicians. (It was and still is, we presume, our na`ive belief that successful [read moneyed] doctors are not good clinicians and never good humans, so this was an onerous task). At the time, we were sure that a really ‘good doctor’ implied a good human being, although it was not clear which preceded the other. Our heroines were, at any rate, the greatest humanists, offering the added promise that women could not only do it, they were the ones to do it.

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