Singleness and Sanghathan
Bhavya Chitranshi

This paper is on what Spivak calls, "necessary absurdity"; a necessary absurdity that deconstruction brings to the praxis of transformation1 (namely transformation along the axis of what would provisionally be called the 'subject', the 'social' and the 'political'); "deconstruction" can make founded political programs more useful by making their in-built problems more visible ... Deconstruction does not aim at praxis or theoretical practice but lives in the persistent crisis or unease of the moment of techne or crafting (Spivak 2012: 134). In the light or perhaps shadow of the deconstructive, this paper poses a problem; a problem that the work on/of transformation is faced with in the specific context of singleness among rural adivasi women in Rayagada district of South Odisha. This work is a part of an ongoing action research which is an attempt towards foregrounding the 'lived experience' (Guru and Sarukkai 2012) of being single and being womanby attending to the condition of 'singleness' among rural adivasi women and exploring alongside questions and collaborative collective processes of transformative praxis.

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