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Call for papers

CUSP special issue on Marxism and Psychoanalysis
Issue Editor: David Pavón Cuéllar

email : davidpavoncuellar@gmail.com.

Your submission must deal with the various connections (influences, affiliations, homologies, tensions, contradictions or articulations) between the legacies of Marx and Freud. These connections can be approached in a historical, speculative, critical or controversial way. The text must be unpublished in English, but may have been published in another language..

All submissions will be reviewed. Authors will be provided with the reviewer’s critical comments as well as any suggestions for revision. All accepted submissions will be included in the online journal CUSP (http://www.cuspthejournal.com/).

If your submission is accepted and if you can translate it into Spanish or Portuguese, it may be published in teocripsi (Teoría y Crítica de la Psicología, http://teocripsi.com/ojs/index.php/TCP, ISSN: 2116-3480). If you can translate your submission to Spanish or Portuguese and send the translated version before next April 15, it could appear in teocripsi’s special issue on Marxism and Psychoanalysis edited by the Brazilian team of Brendali Dias, Christian Dunker and Nadir Lara Junior. In any case, even if you cannot send the translation, perhaps your submission will be published in Spanish, since we are going to select three articles to translate them into Spanish and publish them in teocripsi.

Your contribution must be submitted before June 1st.
The word limit for each paper is 8,000 words.
Length of abstract should be less than 500 words.
Authors are requested to follow the APA citation format.

Submissions should be sent as email attachments (.doc. .docx or .rtf) to davidpavoncuellar@gmail.com. .